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Weather Update: July 22, 2023

Weather Update 4:51 p.m.
All Games will resume as soon as possible and will be played with a modified red flag, all games shortened by 5 minutes each half. Games tied at the end of regulation will go directly to kicks from the mark and no overtime will be played.
The game on Field 57 South at 12 p.m. will resume as soon as possible
New Start Times
13U through 19U age groups
Original Start Time                       New Start Time
1 p.m.                                              ASAP
3 p.m.                                              6:30 p.m.
9U through 12U Games
Original Start Time                       New Start Time
1 p.m.                                              ASAP
2:30 p.m.                                        6:00 p.m.
4 p.m.                                              7:15 p.m.
All Fields will remain the same.

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Weather is constantly changing at USA CUP. Please be aware of the current weather status and prepare for a variety of conditions throughout the day.

Consult your Tournament Times official print program for information on our weather status “Flags” regarding current conditions.

Follow USA CUP on social media (Facebook, Twitter) or check the main USA CUP Schedules page for the latest information regarding weather and changing conditions.


  • When a Red Alert is issued for lightning, a 15 second horn blast will occur and the amber strobe light will blink. The amber strobe light will blink continuously throughout the duration of the Red Alert.
  • When the horns sound three times for 5 seconds each and the amber strobe light will turn off you are safe to exit your sheltered space.
  • Resumption of games and/or times will be communicated on the USA CUP social channels as well as an email to team leaders after all clear is issued.
  • All heat decisions will continue to be made by the medical staff and the USA CUP weather decision group.

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