Target USA CUP Dates

Weekend Tournament is July 12-14, 2024  |  Week Tournament is July 16-20, 2024

Competition Information

Target USA CUP is broken down into two separate tournaments, Target USA CUP Weekend and Target USA CUP Week. Teams have the option to play in one or both events each summer. Each event has its own format, off-the field activities, and registered teams. They will offer unique experiences!

Experience Target USA CUP

See the highlights of what makes Target USA CUP the most unique youth soccer experience in the world!

Target USA CUP Fees

Tournament fees are explained here as well as our refund policy and dormitory fees.


Eligibility/ Format

Find out the eligibility requirements, game format and other details for each age group of both USA CUP and USA CUP Weekend.

Parents Guide

The Parents Guide provides brief information about the tournament to better assist parents in preparing for a trip to Target USA CUP.

Meet a Representative

Coming to a neighborhood near you. Target USA CUP representatives travel throughout the year conducting meetings with teams, attending soccer AGM’s and recruiting.


Volunteer ambassadors are more than willing to share their experiences with you.

Check out the competition!

Target USA CUP Sponsors

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