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All required forms are due June 10, 2022

Required forms for Target USA CUP

In The Team Manager Account, you will enter the team roster, make payments, and view waiver completion. You can create your Team Manager account HERE.

USA CUP July 8-10 Weekend Team Manager Account

  • You will need the Team ID number that you received after being accepted into the tournament
  • You must check the box indication concussion training has been completed. This is a requirement of the state of Minnesota Statute 121A.37. The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention has a free, online course entitled “HEADS UP” is accessible by the link here.
  • If you are planning to use guest players or are in need of them, please review our USA CUP Guest Player page.
  • Please note that the roster must be completed before players can use the online waiver
  • All player fees will be paid through the Team Manager Account (the past parent account feature is not available at this time)

This event is sanctioned as a YOUTH  event.  The NSC Event HQ  account must be set up with the parent or legal guardian as the account holder then the player is added as the participant.

All waivers must be completed by the parent or legal guardian for each player even if they are 18 or older  

Once the roster has been entered, direct parents to complete their player’s waiver using the process outlined below in the NSC Event HQ.

Under the Customer tools tab is the Complete Waiver  option

NOT under Target USA Cup Tab that is  for Guest player application and Volunteer  application


The account holder must be the parent or legal guardian. (Only need one account per family).

If you already have an existing NSC Event HQ account then log-in here 

Waiver instructions:

English  Click here 

Spanish Click here 

Somali Click here 

Need further assistance contact the Registrar 

US Club Soccer Teams

  • All non-Minnesota teams must provide a copy of their official US Club Soccer roster by the deadline.

US Youth Soccer Teams

  • Request Official State Roster and Travel Documentation (Not required for Minnesota MYSA teams )

    • Contact your USYS state association for an official state roster and Notification-to-Travel to a USYS sanctioned tournament. Copy of approved travel permit and state roster must be on file before Final Team Check-in.

Canadian Teams

  • Request Team Notification-to-Travel and Official Province/Club Roster

    • Contact your province/club for official state roster and Notification-to-Travel to a USYS sanctioned tournament. Copy of approved travel permit and province/club roster must be on file before Final Team Check-in.
    • 2022 Application to Host Tournament (coming soon) provides information necessary to complete your province’s notification-to-travel application.

The Application to Host Tournament form provides information necessary to complete your province association’s notification-to-travel application.

Player passes required for proof of age.

All teams must submit current Player / Coach Passes to the Registrar for validation and Proof of Age by the required form deadline. Can be a copy of the club pdf file or a photo of the passes. 

  • All teams are required to present current physical laminated Player / Coach Passes to the referee at the start of each game. No copies.
  • The team’s passes must all be from the same governing body. EX: All must be USYS  or US Club. You cannot have some from each.
  • Contact the Registrar if you have questions or need further assistance.

Canadian Teams

  • Canadian booklets/provincial player cards and FIFA affiliate player passes are accepted.

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