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Referees are the lifeblood of any tournament. At USA CUP, we attract referees from over 15 countries and 10 U.S. states who help officiate the thousands of games that take place during the tournament week. The advantage of refereeing at USA CUP is that all games are played in one location.

All referee information concerning USA CUP can be found in the soccer referee section of the National Sports Center website.


USA CUP uses GAME OFFICIALS for referee assigning.

Visit and sign in, then join the National Sports Center assigning group.

Use the documents below to help with the registration process.  Mark your interest in the tournament on GameOfficials under "My Preferences", then selecting USA Cup under the "League/Tournament Preferences" tab.  Be sure your availability is entered in GameOfficials.

International & Non-MINNESOTA Referees

2021 USA CUP non-resident application coming soon

After an application is submitted, you can update and access your account HERE.

Click the topics below for additional information and resources related to becoming a Referee at USA CUP. 

Required Forms

MN resident referees: Please go to the Required Forms page on the NSC website in order to get all payroll information and documents that need to be submitted. 

Non-MN resident referees:  Send the following information to the referee coordinator.

  • Name and contact info of your State Referee Administrator.
  • If under 18 years old, photocopy of proof of age document (ex. birth certificate or passport).

International referees: Send the following documents to the referee coordinator.

  • Photocopy of valid passport.
  • Introduction letter from current Federation.  Must include referee grade level and must be on Federation letterhead.
  • US Soccer application.
  • SafeSport certificate of completion.  

Background Check

The background check is required by MYSA for all soccer referees from Minnesota that are of 18 years of age or older.  If your name is not on the list of approved referees, you will not be assigned  games for any of the NSC tournaments.  If you are out of state, we will ask your state association to confirm you have completed a background check and are in good standing. If you do not have a background check completed through your state association, please follow all steps at the link below in order to get it completed:

MYSA Background Check


Important Dates and Information

International & Non-MN Resident Referee Deadlines

Application Deadline Monday, May 26, 2021
Required Document Deadline Wednesday, June 16, 2021
Flight Info/Dorm Reservation Deadline *limited dorm space available Wednesday, June 23, 2021


Referee Final Check-In/Informational Meetings (Referees must attend one meeting)

Wednesday, July 7, 2021 6 p.m. Welcome Center Grand Hall- NSC Campus
Thursday, July 8, 2021 6 p.m. Welcome Center Grand Hall- NSC Campus
Monday, July 12, 2021 6 p.m. Welcome Center Grand Hall- NSC Campus


Official Sports

As the official partner of USA CUP, all officials are encouraged to wear an Official Sports Referee Jersey for all championship games throughout the tournament. It is strongly encouraged to purchase an Official Sports jersey prior to the start of the tournament. For a wide selection of purchase options, please visit the Official Sports website.

International Referees

Referees from outside the United States should contact our international referee ambassadors listed below. If your country doesn't have an ambassador, contact at 763.792.7312.

U.K. Referees

Danish and German Referees (and other European Countries)

          Executive Director: REFEX

Canadian Referees

Romanian Referees

Portuguese Referees

Brazilian Referees

Jamaican Referees


Residence Hall

Housing is offered for USA CUP Weekend and USA CUP in the NSC Residence Hall. For the discounted rate of $38 USD (regularly $47.50) per night, you will receive bed/one set of linens and three meals per day in the NSC dining room. The residence hall also offers air conditioning and cable TV.

Due to the large number of referees that have shown interest in previous years, there is a potential option of housing referees offsite (about 15 minutes from campus). Those individuals will be contacted directly by the referee coordinator. 

Dorm Applications

The residence hall fills quickly. If you are interested in attending USA CUP and would like to reserve a spot, please contact with any lodging questions. Dorm reservations can be made between Wednesday, July 7, 2021 and Sunday, July 18, 2021 only.  


Click here for hotel information and listings for USA CUP. If you need additional information contact the referee coordinator at 763.717.3238 or

2021 Referee Compensation

USA CUP Weekend

Tournament plays 25-30 minute halves, with exception of finals. Referees will be compensated on a per game basis according to the USSF grade schedule. For non-USSF graded referees, a foreign grade equivalent will apply.

  • Grade 4 & above: $27 center, $22 line
  • Grade 5: $26 center, $21 line
  • Grade 6: $25 center, $20 line
  • Grade 7-State Track: $23 center, $19 line
  • Grade 7/8: $22 center, $17 line
  • Grade 9: $15 line
  • Standby: $15


Tournament plays 25-45 minute halves, with exception of finals. Referees will be compensated on a per game basis according to the USSF grade schedule. For non-USSF graded referees, a foreign grade equivalent will apply.

  • Grade 4 & above: $36 center, $29 line
  • Grade 5: $35 center, $28 line
  • Grade 6: $33 center, $26 line
  • Grade 7-State Track: $31 center, $24 line
  • Grade 7/8: $29 center, $21 line
  • Grade 9: $16 line
  • Standby: $16

USA CUP Weekend and USA CUP referee package also offers subsidized housing/meal options, a referee shirt, a souvenir flipping coin, referee activities including transportation to activities, shuttles on-site to games and free airport transfers.

International Referee Compensation

International referees working any NSC Soccer Tournament will receive credit based on U.S. referee compensation levels. For USA CUP Weekend and USA CUP, credits will first be applied to NSC housing and meal expenses. After covering these expenses, any remaining credits may then be applied to travel expenses incurred in coming to the NSC. The NSC is NOT responsible for ANY travel expenses incurred by referees. All referees should be aware that they will have to cover all of their travel expenses.

NSC Residence Hall housing is not available for NSC Spring Cup, NSC CUP, NSC All American Cup, Fall Cup, Kick or Treat or Holiday Classic tournaments. Please contact the referee coordinator to discuss application of international referee credits. You may email the referee coordinator or call 763.717.3242.


We suggest you secure your housing prior to planning your transportation. For information on housing options available to referees visit the lodging information.

Referee Arrivals/Departures

All referees coming from outside the Minneapolis area must send all travel information to the referee coordinator. Airport transportation schedules depend on the information received. Referees staying at dorms provided by the tournament can find staff at the USA CUP booth near baggage claim door #4A at Terminal 1. 

TENTATIVE Airport Shuttles

USA CUP provides transportation shuttles from the airport to the National Sports Center. The 2019 schedule will be posted when available. Please note the following:

  • Arrival and departure times MUST be sent to Karah Lodge
    by Friday June 25, 2020 or transportation will not be guaranteed. Flight information must include all connections and flight numbers. 
  • Arrival transportation will be provided on July 7-8 and July 12. Departure transportation will only be provided on Sunday, July 18. All other times are subject to finding transportation on your own. Please keep these dates in mind when booking your flights!

Transportation During USA CUP

Transportation is provided to and from the NSC to all official USA CUP activities/destinations only. However, you may want to consider renting a vehicle while you are here for other non-tournament/off-site attractions. USA CUP also provides on-site referee shuttles between playing fields.

Tournament Rules

Click here for in depth tournament rules.

Karah Lodge

Referee Program Director

Phone: 763-717-3238 Fx: 763.785.5699

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