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We are excited to welcome the following vendors to USA CUP!


The 2019 Target USA Cup has partnered with Trace Soccer for video and player performance. Trace films using an automated camera from an elevated height to provide the optimal view for players, coaches and recruiters. In addition to game film, teams will receive Automated Player Moments and Individual Player Stats which can easily be shared with friends and family. 

Trace is a Subscription Based Model, so all Trace equipment will be shipped directly to your home prior to the event. Once you've uploaded all of your footage after the event, you can easily upgrade your package to a Choice or Elite Subscription! Game Film Packages must be pre-booked and all bookings will close 1-week prior to the event.

Click here to see all of the Trace packages being offered at 2019 Target USA CUP

Weekend Subscription Packages Include:

• 1-Sensor Case for up to 20 players

• Automated Player Clips

• Player Performance Stats

TRACE-BOTS are limited. If you wish to have Trace film your games, please book online, e-mail or call (888) 568-3264.


In 2018, after years of technology research and development, our partners at <33 completed randomized double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trials that demonstrated breakthrough results in hydration for athletes: 70% of athletes experienced an increase in blood plasma volume when drinking H2OMAX treated water.

H2OMAX is proud to bring this exciting technology to you and help you get superior hydration while reducing your risk of dehydration! We’re interested to hear how better hydration helps you achieve better performance!

H2OMAX. Join the water revolutionTM.

Feed My Starving Children

Turn hunger into hope with your own two hands! Volunteer with your friends, family and teammates to hand-pack nutritious meals for hungry children around the world.

Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) is a Christian nonprofit dedicated to providing nutritious meals to children worldwide. FMSC meals are hand-packed by volunteers and sent to an incredible network of partner organizations who distribute them to those in need. More than 1.3 million volunteers packed nearly 365 million FMSC meals in 2018. More than 91 percent of total donations go directly to feed kids. More at


Kick Like a Girl



Kick Like A Girl- because every girl deserves a lifestyle brand that encourages strength, community and responsibility



Competing in soccer takes passion and determination, and at T-Mobile we’re no strangers to going the extra mile. We work hard every day to treat our customers the right way. That’s why we have the Happiest Customers in Wireless. So whether you’re practicing for your next game or recovering on the couch, you deserve to have a wireless company that puts you first. Stop by a T-Mobile store near you or visit