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Schwan's USA CUP Medallion Hunt

The medallion has been found!

The winner is Sarah Helou, from Apple Valley, Minn. Sarah is playing this week with the U14 girls team from Burnsville Valley United.

The medal was located on the top of a wooden roof beam just ourside the Chip Shot Cafe at the Victory Links golf course. Sarah had to climb up on a picnic table and reach up to find the medal by touch.

Sarah and her mother came close to winning the hunt last year. They thought they knew where the medal was, but they took a lunch break, which allowed someone else to find it first.

"We were determined to win this year," said Sarah's mother

The pair searched for quite awhile in the correct area, without finding the medal, before leaving to search in a different area. Then they returned to the Chip Shot and found it on the second try.

USA CUP Medallion Hunt, sponsored by Minnesota United FC

The legendary Schwan's USA CUP Medallion Hunt is back! Two clues will be posted each day. A medallion (pictured) has been hidden somewhere on the NSC campus. Find it first; win the grand prize!

Medallion Hunt Prize

This year's Medallion Hunt is sponsored by Minnesota United FC, and the prize they are providing should get you hunting. The first person, or team (yes, you can hunt as a team, group, family, etc.) to find the medallion and bring it to Tournament HQ will receive a soccer ball autographed by all the Minnesota United FC players.

Clue #1 - posted Tuesday morning

We know this clue won’t help you find the prize,
But we need to give you the rules, so you won’t get edgewise (with the law.)

The medallion’s hidden within the NSC property line;
Stay on the campus and you’ll do just fine.
Don't dig holes or tear up the ground,
And you won’t need to look where you might get drowned.

You may also safely assume
The medallion’s not hidden in a bath or locker room.

Clue #2 - posted Tuesday afternoon

During USA CUP your attention will be focused on the beautiful game,
But to ignore the NSC’s other sports would surely be a shame.

The NSC offers skating, chipping, throwing and pedaling.
Keep an open mind to all; they hold the location that will bring you close to medaling.

In the years past we’ve hidden the prize in all corners of the site;
Both indoors and out, perhaps off the ground but never at a dangerous height.

You can walk a ways, or drive and walk shorter, to find the prize,
And touch over sight may help the medallion materialize.

Clue #3 - posted Wednesday morning

From the middle of the campus, face the sunrise.
We’re giving you that clue so you can localize.

We've hidden the medal in the fresh air,
But in a place where grill smoke might sometimes filter the sun’s bright glare.