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USA CUP Weekend Activities Calendar

Weekend Teams - Opening Ceremonies Video Submission Instructions

Target USA CUP is excited to announce the annual Opening Ceremonies will once again be taking place on campus this summer! To continue to mitigate risk it will look slightly different this year and our staff will be adapting a hybrid model mixing both virtual and in-person elements. With this in mind, we will be asking all Target USA CUP Weekend teams to refrain from attending the event in person and instead submit a video clip highlighting their team. This will be added to the virtual portions of the ceremony. Opening Ceremonies will be livestreamed on YouTube so mark your calendars for Tuesday, July 13th! Please see below for video guidelines- make sure you are part of this special event!

Please Click on the Tabs below for Guidelines and Submission Instructions! 

Video Guidelines


PURPOSE:  As part of the USA Cup Opening Ceremonies, our goal is to share virtually short video messages from teams who are unable to attend this year’s tournament.  The videos will be played as part of the Parade of Team during the Opening Ceremonies. 

VIDEO LENGTH:  Not to exceed 15 seconds 

VIDEO FORMAT:  Please shoot your video on your I-Phone or Android, holding it VERTICALLY (up and down).  Keep it as steady as possible and when you move, move slowly and with purpose. 

WHAT TO SHOOT:  We want you to be creative and show off your team in a fun way.  Pick one spokesperson to deliver the message but be sure to include the whole team in the video having fun (and cheering at the end).  We recommend using your flags or any Team/Club/State/Country identifiers. 

WHAT TO SAY:  Be sure to include the following information: 

  1. Team name 
  2. Team age 
  3. Location (city, state, country, etc.) 
  4. A special message to the teams participating this year and perhaps a sentence stating you’re hoping to return next year.

Video Scripts

EXAMPLE SCRIPT #1:  Hola USA CUP!  We are the 13U girls from Mexico City, Mexico wishing all the teams good luck this week!  Although we can’t be there in person, we are with you in soccer!  Have a great time and we hope to see you next year in person! 

EXAMPLE SCRIPT #2:  Greetings from Florida from the Pensacola Penguins 14 year old Boys team!  Although we couldn’t make the trek to Minnesota this year, we are there in spirit and can’t wait to join you in person in 2022!  Good luck to all the teams and have fun! 

Video Submission

WHAT TO DO WITH VIDEOS:  Once your video is completed, please text the file to: 763-276-6038

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