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Medical Director: Steven R. Elias MD
Medical Services Location: Centerview Elementary School

Medical Services Features

On-site Medical Care

The on-site medical facility at Target USA CUP is the best that you will find at any soccer tournament in the world. The attention a player receives on site is comparable to that of a local hospital emergency room.

On each field cluster there are first aid personnel ready in case of an injury. They evaluate the situation and, if necessary, transport injured players to an on-site medical facility where a staff of volunteer doctors and nurses are available to evaluate and treat injuries.

More than 100 of the area’s sports medicine professionals and residents volunteer in the tournament medical facility.

ER Evaluation

Players transported to a local ER via ambulance will incur charges for transportation plus hospital charges for evaluation and treatment.

The legal guardian accompanying the player to the hospital will need to produce documentation of the player’s insurance carrier, address, policy number, and parent(s) name and address.


Injured players are transported to the medical facility on golf carts for medical evaluation. Players must be accompanied by a parent or an adult functioning as a legal guardian.

Players requesting medical attention without guardianship are treated at the discretion of medical personnel.

Return transportation to fields may be requested at Tournament Headquarters.

Transportation to a local hospital emergency room, if necessary, will only be provided by ambulance or parents or an adult functioning as a legal guardian.

Return transportation is the responsibility of the team.


Taping services are not provided.

Return to Play

After evaluation, Target USA CUP medical staff will recommend whether or not the player should return to play.

In the case of an injury that does not involve symptoms of a concussion; where medical staff have indicated that the player should not return to play, the accompanying parent/adult will be required to sign a release indicating they clearly understand that they are responsible for the welfare of the player and that they are playing the player against medical advice.

In the case of an injury to a player that does involve symptoms of a concussion; the player will not be eligible to return to play during USA CUP or USA CUP Weekend without a release from the medical staff. A standardized concussion assessment device, such as the SCAT-3 or Child SCAT-3 currently used by FIFA, will be administered for all primary and subsequent evaluations. 

Medical Facility Charges

Players evaluated at the tournament’s medical facility are not charged for evaluation and treatment except:

  • X-ray studies may be available at on-site medical facility. A flat fee will be charged for on-site x-ray payable with Visa or MasterCard or cash only. A receipt for charges will be given. The individual player/parent is responsible for submitting the charges to their insurance company for reimbursement. This expense may/may not be reimbursed depending on the policy of your insurance company because it is not a registered medical facility.
  • Orthopedic supplies, crutches
  • Referral to outside consultants


The medical staff will not contact insurance carriers for pre-authorization of charges to be submitted for x-ray supplies. It is the responsibility of the parents to submit these charges for reimbursement. Your insurance may or may not cover charges from the medical facility, since it is not a registered medical facility.

Original x-rays obtained on site are not released; these records must be retained by USA CUP medical personnel as part of the medical record. Copies of x-ray studies are available with an appropriate charge.