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Required Forms

Application and Required Forms Deadlines

  • The Application deadline is June 1st, or when divisions fill.
  • All Required Forms are due June 10th.

Required Forms

  • Online Tournament Roster using Team Manager Account
  1. Online NSC Liability Waiver
  2. Request Official State Roster & Travel Documentation (if applicable)

  3. Player fees paid in full

  4. Physical Player Passes required for Proof of Age (POA) and at all matches

Please see below for additional information!

Important Dates

  • June 10:  All required forms  and fees due 
    All fees will be paid through the Team Manager Account (the past parent account feature is not available at this time).

  • July 5:   Schedules posted online for USA Cup Weekend 

  • July 6:   Schedules posted online for USA Cup Week 

  • July 7: Team Check-in USA Cup Weekend teams

  • July 11: Team Check-in USA Cup Week teams 

  • July 8: Matches begin for USA Cup Weekend teams 

  • July 12: Matches begin for USA Cup Week teams

  • Dorm Residents

  • June 1, 2022: Identify the number of players and number/gender of chaperones

  • June 10, 2022: Final dormitory housing list

  • Transportation Dorm Residents and Hotel Teams

  • June 25, 2022: Final requests for airport arrival/departure transportation

  • June 25, 2022: Last day to drop from dorm housing list and receive housing fee refund

Team Manager Account

In The Team Manager Account, you will enter the team roster, make payments, and view waiver completion.

  • USA CUP July 8-10 Weekend Team Manager Account
  • USA CUP July 12-16 Team Manager Account
  • You will need your team ID number you received after registering
  • You must check the box indication concussion training has been completed. This is a requirement of the state of Minnesota Statute 121A.37. The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention has a free, online course entitled “HEADS UP” is accessible by the link here.
  • If you are planning to use guest players or are in need of them, please review our USA CUP Guest Player page.
  • Please note that the roster must be completed before players can use the online waiver
  • All player fees will be paid through the Team Manager Account (the past parent account feature is not available at this time)

Online NSC Liability Waiver


This event is sanctioned as a YOUTH  event.  The NSC Event HQ  account must be set up with the parent or legal guardian as the account holder then the player is added as the participant.

All waivers must be completed by the parent or legal guardian for each player even if they are 18 or older  

Once the roster has been entered, direct parents to complete their player's waiver using the process outlined below in the NSC Event HQ.

Under the Customer tools tab is the Complete Waiver  option

NOT under Target USA Cup Tab that is  for Guest player application and Volunteer  application


The account holder must be the parent or legal guardian. (Only need one account per family).

If you already have an existing NSC Event HQ account then log-in here 

Waiver instructions:

English  Click here 

Spanish Click here 

Somali Click here 

Need further assistance contact the Registrar 

Official Rosters & Travel Documentation

US Club Soccer Teams

  • All non-Minnesota teams must provide a copy of their official US Club Soccer roster by the deadline.

US Youth Soccer Teams

  • Request Official State Roster and Travel Documentation (Not required for Minnesota MYSA teams )

    • Contact your USYS state association for an official state roster and Notification-to-Travel to a USYS sanctioned tournament. Copy of approved travel permit and state roster must be on file before Final Team Check-in.

Canadian Teams

  • Request Team Notification-to-Travel and Official Province/Club Roster

    • Contact your province/club for official state roster and Notification-to-Travel to a USYS sanctioned tournament. Copy of approved travel permit and province/club roster must be on file before Final Team Check-in.
    • 2022 Application to Host Tournament (coming soon) provides information necessary to complete your province’s notification-to-travel application.

The Application to Host Tournament form provides information necessary to complete your province association’s notification-to-travel application.

Guest Players

If you have found guest players on your own, please refer to the frequently asked questions below. 

Coaches Seeking Players

  • Please refer to the USA CUP Loan Player Program for full details.
  • Coaches seeking additional players should contact the loan player program coordinator directly at
  • Loan player placement will not begin until the middle of May.
  • Teams utilizing guest players must provide the player with a jersey.
  • You will not be able to complete Final Team Check-in without all player passes, causing unnecessary delays and a return trip to Final Team Check-in; copies of player passes are not accepted.

Guest Players FAQ 

  • Guest players must be identified on the tournament roster as a guest player.
  • A 'guest player' is any player not identified on your current roster (USYS state roster, US Club roster, Provincial or governing body roster).
  • Limit of six guest players per team.
  • Guest players must be registered and in good standing with their governing body and possess a current youth player pass.
  • USYS/AYSO/SAY/USSSA/Canadian guest players must request a travel permit from their respective governing body. A copy of the travel permit/player loan form must be submitted to USA CUP prior the player's arrival to Final Team Check-in for prior verification to ensure travel is allowed. 
  • US Club guest players must provide a guest player loan form from their host club. A copy of this form must be submitted to USA CUP prior the player's arrival to Final Team Check-in for prior verification to ensure travel is allowed.
  • USYS players are not allowed to guest on a US CLUB team, and vice-versa.
  • International guest players, please contact for more information.
  • Teams wishing to use a player from the USA CUP Guest Player program again, must work through the program to obtain the player again.
  • Double-rostered players, please contact; deadline for these players is July 2 for USA CUP Weekend & July 6 for USA CUP.
    • Limit of two double -rostered players per team
    • Double-rostered players must be identified on the tournament roster as a guest player
    • The player fee for the double rostered player on the secondary team will be waived after providing the following information is emailed to by the final roster deadline:
      • Player name, primary team name, primary team ID number, secondary team name, secondary team ID number
    • Players staying in homestay may not double roster
    • Games will not be scheduled to accommodate double rostered players
  • Players may play on any team, provided they meet the age eligibility guidelines.
  • Girls may play on boys’ teams; boys may not play on girls’ teams.
  • Players may guest play or double roster on one team in addition to their primary team, providing they are not playing on a team in the same age bracket and flight.
  • Premier players may only play on Gold Flight teams in USA CUP.
  • Prior to Final Team Check-in, arrange a time to collect the guest player's pass to expedite your teams check-in. Your roster cannot be finalized until all original player passes are verified

Player Passes / Proof of Age


All Teams must submit current Player / Coach Passes to the Registrar for validation and Proof of Age by the required form deadline. Can be a copy of the club pdf file or a photo of the passes. 

  • All teams are required to present current physical laminated Player / Coach Passes to the referee at the start of each game. No copies.
  • The team's passes must all be from the same governing body. EX: All must be USYS  or US Club. You cannot have some from each.
  • Contact the Registrar if you have questions or need further assistance.

Canadian Teams

  • Canadian booklets/provincial player cards and FIFA affiliate player passes are accepted.

*File Upload Instructions

This event is offering the File Upload feature
* File upload feature may not be available for all events.  

Team managers and/or parents can securely submit all required documentation (required forms) by using the new “File Upload” feature in the NSC Event HQ portal.   

Log into your NSC Event HQ account

(if you do not have an NSC Event HQ account – click HERE to find out how to create one) 

From the list of options found under the “Customer Tools” menu, select the one labeled “File Upload”.  After finding/searching for the event you wish to upload documents for, you will be asked to provide your Team ID. 

After providing your valid Team ID you will be able to upload files to the NSC registration system.  Only files with the following extensions are allowed for uploading:  “png”, “pdf”, “gif” and “img”. the cap file size is 2MB     The File name should be 20 characters or less. 

If the file is too large you can try using a free online compressed pdf file site.   Like

Refund Policy & Tournament Fees


Teams dropping from either tournament prior to June 1 will receive a voucher in the amount of the team fee and dorm deposit, if applicable, paid at the time of application. The voucher may be used by any team in any age group within the club. The voucher is applied to the player fees and may be used for either 2023 tournament.

Teams dropping from either tournament after June 1 will not receive a voucher; player fees are refundable. Individuals dropping from the dorm on June 22 or after will not receive a housing refund; player fees are refundable.

Event Cancellation Policy

  • The following policy will be enacted IF an event hosted by the National Sports Center MUST be canceled by the directives of the State of Minnesota or the Minnesota Department of Health. Please know that our top priority in making decisions moving forward will be the safety and health of our players, coaches, referees, employees, and fans.

  • The team will receive a refund for your event entry, player fees, and dorm deposit (if applicable). Team registration refunds will be processed at 100% of the registration total. Refunds will be credited to your account by no later than December 31, 2022. *Please note that if a team elects to drop prior to the event, the above voucher policy will be in effect. This includes teams making their own decision to withdraw prior to the potential cancellation.

  • If a customer (club, team, individual) is required to quarantine due to illness or exposure to the COVID-19 virus, and is unable to participate, for this reason, a refund will not be issued unless done within the parameters of the existing policy.


USA Cup Weekend Team Fee+Player Fee
U9-U10 7v7 Jamboree $270 team fee + $66 per player fee
U11-U12 9v9 $325 team fee + $66 per player fee
U13-U18/19 11v11 $415 team fee + $66 per player fee
USA CUP Loan Player Program $125* player fee
USA CUP Team Fee + Player Fee
U9-U10 7v7 Jamboree $270 team fee + $66 per player fee
U9-U10 7v7 Competitive $335 team fee + $101 per player fee
U11-U12 9v9 $450 team fee + $101per player fee
U12 11v11 $450 team fee + $101 per player fee
U13-U18/19 $500 team fee + $101 per player fee
USA CUP Loan Player Program $125* player fee
  • All fees will be paid through the Team Manager Account (the past parent account feature is not available at this time).
  • * Guest players that you have found, pay the same player fee as regular players. 
  • * If in need for players. See our Loan Player Program for details. Loan players that come through the USA CUP Loan Player Program are charged $125.
  • Double rostered players are limited to two per team per tournament.

Contact Information

Mailing Address: 
Target USA CUP 
1700 105th Ave NE,
Blaine, MN 55449
Phone: 763.717.3229, Fax: 763.785.3660

Hotel and Lodging Information

We offer several lodging options for teams during their stay at Target USA CUP. If you have any lodging questions, please contact NSC Travel.

Lodging Link 

International Team Checklist

All forms and fees listed below are due Friday, June 4, 2021

Mailing Address: 1700 105th Ave NE, Blaine, MN 55449
Phone: 763.785.3679, Fax: 763.785.3660

Participation Requirements

  • Before you begin, review the age grid to make sure they are placed in the correct age group and maximum roster size. No exceptions.
  • Enter  the tournament roster using your Team Manager Account
  • Concussion training  is required, check to see if yours is still valid or see below to complete 
  • To be completed by the coach/team manager, click here to completeThe Roster/Team Management tools will not be available until the concussion training box is checked in the Team Manager account.
  • Enter the player’s name, primary position, and jersey number. Duplicate jersey numbers or jersey sharing is not permitted, each player should have a unique number, including goalkeepers.
  • Once the tournament roster is completed, parents will need to complete the online NSC liability Waiver 
  • Monitor waiver progress by selecting ‘View Roster’ from the Roster Menu. An ‘X’ displayed in the WV (waiver) column indicates a completed waiver.
  • A player’s DOB is electronically monitored for age eligibility. If a player’s DOB continues not to be numerically displayed, the player may be too old for the age bracket. Ask the parent to review the DOB for accuracy. All players must be age-eligible for the assigned age bracket; DOB on the roster must match DOB on the current player pass.
  • If using guest players, see our USA CUP Guest Player page, detailing parameters and instructions on using guest players or finding additional guest players.
    • Guest player limit per team: 6
    • Teams may have two double rostered players per team (if you plan on using a double rostered player, please email for more information.

2. Direct parents to the NSC Event HQ to complete the liability waiver

Once the roster has been entered direct parents to complete their waiver using the process outlined below in the NSC Event HQ.  The account owner must be 18 years of age or older.  (Only one account per family).

  1. Create your account HERE, or log in to your existing account HERE and skip to the “Complete a Waiver” section below.
  2. After you have created your account, verify your email and set up your password.
  3. Log in to your account and add your children and or spouse as “participants” (If applicable).

To Complete a Waiver

Log in to your NSC Event HQ account HERE

Once Logged In:

  1. Click on the “Customer Tools” link in the main menu bar and then select “Complete waiver”. 
  2. Select the event.  You may also filter the events by sport and/or name. 
  3. Enter the Team ID-provided by the team manager.
  4. Select the participant’s name from the roster (if not on the roster contact the team manager).
  5. Select the participant’s name from the drop-down in your NSC Event HQ account. If participant is not listed in your account, you must add them.  
  6. Read and accept.

3. All international teams must have permission-to-travel from their league or governing body, as well as travel insurance for all players

  • Contact your national federation for the permission-to-travel form. Provide the USA CUP tournament sanctioning document to your national federation for approval. A copy of the approved document must be provided to USA CUP.
  • Travel insurance must be shown at Final-Team Check-in.

4. NSC player passes are required to play

  • International players must complete the NSC Player Pass Form. Carefully review the player’s full name and date of birth before laminating.
  • Signature must match name on card.
  • Player passes must be laminated.
  • Puerto Rico players may use current season laminated passes

5.  Fees: Agents

  • Agents managing two or more teams will manage all payments via the Agent Account. Agents should set-up their account to manage payments.
  • Accepted payment methods: Visa, MasterCard and wire transfers.
  • If paying by wire transfer:
  • Include the cost of the wire transfer in the total amount. USA CUP will not pay wire transfer fees.
  • Notify of your payment in advance of receipt.
  • Upon receipt, amount of wire transfer will be entered into your Agent Account.

6. Fees: Team Leaders

  • Team leaders managing one team will manage payments via the Team Manager Account (above)
  • Two options are available for payment of tournament fees. Team leader must choose one or the other when creating Team Manager Account:
    • Option One: Team leader will submit payment(s) by Visa, MasterCard, check, money order, wire, or cash via Team Manager Account.
    • Option Two: Each parent will submit one payment for their player's participant fee by Visa or MasterCard only via the Parent Account. Parents will make payment when completing the waiver.
  • Be sure to check with your families before selecting the best payment option for the team. If Option Two is selected, be sure to communicate to families the expectation that they will be paying a player fee when completing the waiver for their participant.
  • Player fees are determined by the number of players on the tournament roster.
  • Use the Team Manager Account to view your Team Statement.
  • Use the Payment/Balance Due option to make a Visa or MasterCard payment.

7. Complete hotel lodging information, if applicable, see Team Manager Account above

  • Teams are required to stay in the NSC Official Host Hotels.
  • Hotel information is used for emergency contact when cell phone is unavailable.
  • The National Sports Center is also required to track for economic impact. Did you know that the NSC is second only to Mall of America for state economic impact and number of annual visitors?

8. Complete Dormitory Housing List, if applicable, see Team Manager Account above

  • June 1: Identify the exact number of players and the number/gender of chaperones.
  • June 4: Check the Team Manager Account for Dorm Assignment; review the dorm assignment memo and damage charges.
  • June 4: Complete the dormitory housing list. Any additions to the housing list after June 11 are not guaranteed.
  • June 26 or after: Anyone dropping from the housing list will not receive a housing fee refund; player fees will be refunded following the tournament.

9. Complete Method of Transportation and Request Transportation Service, if applicable, see Team Manager Account above

  • All Teams
    • Provide method of transportation and arrival/departure information.
  • Dormitory Teams
    • Arrival/departure shuttle service between the airport and the dorms is included in the dormitory housing package.
    • Complete the transportation request if shuttle service is required.

10. Know the rules in advance and express concerns prior to the start of each game

11. Visit fun stuff! We are so much more than just a soccer tournament, get involved!