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Meet a Representative

Coming to a neighborhood near you!

Schwan's USA CUP representatives travel throughout the year conducting meetings with teams, attending soccer AGM's and recruiting. If you are interested in scheduling a meeting for your team, club or coach, please call 1.800.535.4730 or email

This is where our staff is headed next!

Dates Destination
August 9-17 China
September 10-13 Iceland
October 13-14 Toronto, Canada
October 29-31 Orlando, Florida
November 1-5 Wisconsin and Illinois
November 4-9 Mexico City, Puebla, Querataro, Toluca, Mexico
November 16-17 Fargo, North Dakota
November 29-Dec 1 Colorado
January 17-21 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
January 23-25 Jamaica
January 26-28 Cayman Islands
January 26-28 Sacramento, California
February 3 Oklahoma City
March 1-3 Connecticut and Rhode Island
March 5-6 Hawaii
March 13-16 Chicago, Illinois