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Guidelines for the Grand Dance Friday night

07/20/2017, 6:35pm CDT
By Media Staff

Come prepared to dance the night away during USA CUP’s Grand Dance, the final celebration of a fantastic week of soccer for our U15-U19 age groups. Located in Super Rink 7, the dance will feature a top Minnesota DJ, light show and Jumbotron. Dress and look your best as we spend one last evening together.

With that in mind, there are a few guidelines that all participants must adhere to:

  • All teams must come with a chaperone who is 21 years or older, and they must fill out a chaperone form prior to the dance.
  • Youth and chaperones attending the dance are expected to adhere to a zero tolerance policy for tobacco, alcohol, illegal drug use or possession, violence or sexual activity.
  • Athletes may not leave and re-enter a dance without a chaperone.
  • Areas of the building other than those in which the activity is held are off limits.
  • Appropriate attire: Each and every generation adopts new styles and trends to push the envelope of acceptable dress. Today’s youth are no exception. USA CUP encourages parents and chaperones to make sure all athletes are dressed in appropriate fashion. Suggested clothing options include: long pants, no mini-skirts, no clothing showing bare midriff, no clothing expressing profanity or offensive slogans.
  • Styles of dancing: There are three basic concerns common to style of dance; grinding, moshing and crowd surfing. Grinding is just as implied, and includes more intimate body contact and implied sexual connotation. Moshing tends to be an out-of-control slamming of bodies; pushing and shoving. Crowd surfing is exactly as it sounds, riding the wave atop audience hands. All of these styles of dancing are considered unacceptable and are prohibited.
  • Chaperones should circulate through the activity. This provides better supervision and actually proves to be more enjoyable. Chaperones need to be a visible presence. Chaperones should regularly walk around and through the “dance floor” area. It is especially important to walk through the middle area where there tend to be large mobs of athletes. If any athlete exhibits any behavior that is inappropriate, the chaperone is expected and empowered to interrupt and tell the athlete to refrain from that behavior. If there is any question about whether the behavior is inappropriate, the chaperone should immediately seek a security officer or other National Sports Center staff members on duty.

If participants fail to follow any of these guidelines, it may result in a group or individual being sent home. We want everyone attending to have a great night and are counting on our participants to act wisely in order to have a successful night. See you tomorrow night!

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