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Faces at the Cup

07/14/2017, 7:25pm CDT
By Media Staff

Our special section where we highlight the unique and special people that make Schwan's USA CUP an experience like no other in youth soccer. We feature players, coaches, parents, volunteers, and staff. 

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Matthew Guffick  •  Hartlepool, England  •  Referee  - 18 Years Old


Matthew is an international referee at Schwan’s USA Cup, here for the second year in a row. Guffick’s travels to the tournament did not go as expected. His 9 ½ hour flight, turned into a 16-hour flight due to a seven-hour delay. Although a long trip to Minnesota, Matthew is excited to be at USA Cup. When asked his favorite part of working at the tournament, he responded, “Definitely the social aspect and all the people you get to be around.”

Kevin Rutgers  •  Netherlands  •  International Guest Player  - Weekend Team: U19 KC Legends | Week Team: U19 St. Croix


Kevin is an international guest player at both the USA Cup weekend and week tournament. This is his second year coming to the tournament as a guest player. Although never playing with his weekend team the KC Legends, this will be his second time joining the St. Croix team for the tournament. Earlier this week, he already participated with St. Croix in a scrimmage to get reconnected with his teammates.

Aside from playing at the tournament, Kevin also helps at the Transportation Hub. Kevin’s favorite part about the tournament is the excitement. He says “Even if you’re not playing, there is so much excitement around the tournament and everyone is so happy. It makes it fun to be a part of.”

Jesus Lopez  •  Elgin, Illinois  •  Coach U10 and U18 Gladiators FC


This is Jesus’s second year coming to the tournament with both his teams. He really enjoys coming to the tournament because of all the great stuff that comes with the tournament. Not only the bags are great for the coaches and the kids, but he loves how nice the fields always are.

“We like to bring our older team here to get them into college and to get them soccer scholarships,” he said. “The competition is always goods and helps prepare our teams for their future years in soccer.”

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