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What’s going on at the construction zone at the NSC?

07/14/2017, 7:45pm CDT
By Barclay Kruse, Schwan’s USA CUP Media Director

Schwan’s USA CUP visitors will no doubt wonder what’s being built at the west end of the National Sports Center’s Main Parking Lot. The quick answer is that it’s a school. But of perhaps greater interest for USA CUP folks, it’s also the new USA CUP headquarters building.

New NSC School

A new elementary school will rise from the construction zone at the west end of the Main Parking Lot

Spring Lake Park Schools has selected the National Sports Center (NSC) campus as the site for its new kindergarten-4th grade elementary school. Over 600 students are expected to be served by the school.

The district has purchased 11 acres from the State of Minnesota, but the total school site will be approximately 25 acres including adjacent fields that will be available for shared use by Spring Lake Park students and existing NSC programs, tournaments, and field rentals.

The NSC believes this is an innovative public-public partnership that will enhance use of the existing NSC facilities and provide educational and lifestyle benefits to Spring Lake Park students and their families.

If you’re wondering, “Why a school on the NSC campus?” here are some of the specific positives from the NSC’s perspective:

  • The school building will be used for event operations for Schwan’s USA CUP, and potentially other NSC events as well, perhaps as early as 2018. The school will become the event headquarters, team check-in, and a location for tournament operations such as the media center and medical headquarters.
  • Students and faculty will be using the campus at a time that historically the NSC has been relatively quiet -- during daytime hours on school days. This is an efficient use of a public resource for both the school district and the NSC.
  • Spring Lake Park students will have access to NSC facilities, such as the playing fields, Schwan Super Rink and Victory Links golf course, for educational and fitness activities.
  • The NSC’s development programs in soccer, hockey, lacrosse, golf and baseball will get an immediate enrollment boost from families looking to enroll their children in after-school sports programs.
  • The NSC campus has the potential to be the host field for several Spring Lake Park High School varsity sports, including soccer, lacrosse and baseball, which would produce rental revenue for the NSC.
  • Several hundred families who will have a new interest in what happens at the NSC, advocates for the NSC’s success, and will be stakeholders in the facility’s success.
  • The NSC will benefit from a new pool of potential event volunteers – school families. Schwan’s USA CUP especially offers a great opportunity for those families to contribute to the NSC’s most important event, and also to learn and gain experience volunteering at an international event.

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