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See the live tweets of Opening Ceremony!

07/14/2015, 10:00pm CDT
By Media Staff

Opening Ceremonies was tonight and we were live Tweeting the event! Here are the tweets from all the action so you can relive it.

We’re just a few minutes away from the start of Schwan’s USA CUP opening ceremonies. The stadium is buzzing! #USACUP2015


Leading the Parade of Teams is the winner of the Schwan’s Cares About Soccer sweepstakes, Wyoming 307! #USACUP2015


Is that a Jack London character? No, that’s the Strikers Selects from Yukon Territory, Canada. #USACUP2015


Our first ever teams from Aruba, U17 and U19 boys from Dakota Lifida SV, are now making their way onto the field. #USACUP2015


All the way from Reykjavik, Iceland, let’s welcome our three teams from Fylkir Athletic Club! #USACUP2015


Next up are our two teams from Xolos Academy FC (pronounced “Zolos”). #USACUP2015


Here comes our equally difficult team to pronounce Rudbeckianska from Vasteras, Sweden. #USACUP2015


Please welcome our athletes from White Bear Lake Soccer Club, which has participated in USA CUP for all 31 years! #USACUP2015


Here come our three teams from Ecuador, our first, but not last, teams from south of the equator. #USACUP2015


From nowhere near the equator, please welcome IL Bjarg from Bergen, Norway. #USACUP2015


Brazil, our second nation from the southern hemisphere, is walking its ten teams onto the field! #USACUP2015


Next up are the five teams here from Alaska (and no, they don’t live in igloos). #USACUP2015


From Kampala, Uganda, this year’s only team from Africa is making its way onto the field now! #USACUP2015


Let’s take a moment now to recognize our 550 referees from 12 states and 14 countries who will referee over 2,000 games this week! #USACUP2015


Now, to symbolize the end of the Women’s World Cup in Canada, Winnipeg Phoenix FC will begin our torch procession. #USACUP2015


Phoenix FC will pass the torch to referees Fang Yan and Qin Liang, who refereed at the Women’s World Cup before coming to USA CUP. #USACUP


Our referees have now passed the torch to the local Dakota REV U13 girls to symbolize the start of USA CUP right here in Minnesota. #USACUP


The cauldron is lit, there go the fireworks and here comes Generation Now for our Rock the CUP celebration! #USACUP2015

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