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Second Schwan's Medallion Hunt clue has been released

07/14/2015, 11:00am CDT
By Media Staff

Schwan's MedallionWant to win BeatsSolo2 by Dr. Dre headphones? Here's your chance. We have hidden a Schwan's USA CUP Medallion somewhere on campus. It's up to you to decipher the clues (we'll post two each day) and find the medallion!

Come to headquarters with the medallion to claim your prize!

Clue One:

So we hope this hunt will be fun; not too tough,
But beware, you may find riddles, clues and the occasional bluff.
You can check the web, or ask for help,
And please, work as a team; we don’t want you to yelp!

The medallion’s hidden within the NSC property line;
Stay on the campus and you’ll do just fine.
Don't dig holes or tear up the ground,
And you won’t need to look where you might get drowned.

You may also safely assume
That the medallion’s not hidden in a bath or locker room.

Clue Two:

During USA CUP it’s all about the beautiful game,
But don’t forget the other NSC sports, lest you miss your chance at fame.

The NSC offers skating, putting, throwing and pedaling
Keep an open mind to all, any could bring you close to medaling.

Remember you can search solo or with a team to share
But there’s only one prize, so talk with your teammates; we trust you’ll be fair.

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