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Meet a Representative

Coming to a neighborhood near you!

USA CUP representatives travel throughout the year conducting meetings with teams, attending soccer AGM's and recruiting. If you are interested in scheduling a meeting for your team, club or coach, please call 1.800.535.4730 or email

We are happy to come visit your team. Our schedule of meetings changes regularly, and here's where we're heading next:

Dates Destination
August 22 Kansas City, Kansas
September 10-11 Houston, Texas
September 20-22 Portland, Oregon
September 23-25 Seattle, Washington
September 25-27 Vancouver, British Columbia
October 22-28 Ireland
October 28-29 Cancun, Mexico
October 30-November 7 Mexico City, Puebla, Toluca, Mexico
November 11-13 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
November 19-23 Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina
December 6-8 Trinidad and Tobago
January 16-18 United Soccer Coaches Convention, Baltimore, Maryland
January 28-31 Greater Chicagoland, Illinois
January 28-31 Dominican Republic
February 29 Iowa Soccer Symposium, Des Moines, Iowa
March 6-8 Bay Area, California
March 23-26 Wisconsin