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Daily Kick: July 14, 2018

Faces at the Cup

07/14/2018, 6:15pm CDT
By Media Team

Our special section where we highlight the unique and special people that make Schwan's USA CUP an experience like no other in youth soccer. We feature players, coaches, parents, volunteers, and staff. 

English refs share disappointment about World Cup result

07/14/2018, 5:30pm CDT
By Cole Bredahl, Media Intern

If your referee on Sunday is a crabby Brit, please give them the benefit of the doubt. They are just disappointed their beloved national squad is not playing in the World Cup final against France.

The World Cup final will be shown at Rink 7 of the Schwan Super Rink on a big screen. The match featuring France and Croatia begins at 10 a.m.

Players can try new cleats at the Adidas Creator Experience

07/14/2018, 5:30pm CDT
By Mary Brickner, Media Intern

A soccer player’s cleats are an important aspect of their game. Adidas is making the shopping process easier and a little more fun through the Creator Experience booth located in the Activities Hub. 

Two USA CUP players are stars of a documentary video series sponsored by Invisalign

07/14/2018, 5:00pm CDT
By Mary Brickner, Media Intern

Invisalign created “Forwards: A Soccer Documentary,” which is following two young soccer players through their challenges on their journey to USA CUP. The idea was to showcase soccer talent while showing how the Invisalign product can be added seamlessly into a teenager’s active lifestyle.