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Drone Policy

Can I fly my drone at the Tournament?

National Sports Center policy on non-commercial drone usage on the NSC campus

All drone usage must be approved by the event or program director, preferably well ahead of the event. If a drone user flies without prior approval, the pilot will be asked to land the drone and fulfill the following requirements.

Technical requirements:

  • Be flying a drone that is FAA registered, and must provide FAA registration number and aircraft serial number.
  • Since the NSC campus is within five miles of the Anoka County Airport (class G airspace,) user provide prior notification to the airport and air traffic control tower.
  • Verify coverage of at least $1 million liability insurance. Homeowners insurance may provide coverage, but applicant should contact your insurance company to verify. Stand-alone liability coverage specific to drone use is available at a reasonable cost. For example, a $75 annual membership in the Academy of Model Aeronautics comes with $2.5 million of personal liability coverage. (
  • If the applicant is seeking to fly a drone at a program or event at the NSC that is operated by an outside party (rental events), the applicant must obtain approval from both the event/program owner and the NSC.

Upon approval, the pilot must abide by all FAA-recommended safety guidelines, including:

  • All flight 400 feet or lower, and must always give way to manned aircraft.
  • Adhere to all federal, state, and local laws.
  • No flying over crowds, including USA CUP Opening Ceremonies.
  • Must stay to NSC property.

The NSC also enforces the following flight rules for outdoor sports events:

  • Drone video cannot be used for in-game coaching purposes, i.e. drone video may not be used for halftime coaching.
  • Drones must be flown at a height that guarantees they do not interfere with game action.
  • The game referee has the full discretion to ground a drone that he/she believes to be posing a safety hazard.

These policies apply to non-commercial drone usage. Commercial drone photographers must fulfill all these requirements, but also must obtain prior written approval from the NSC.

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