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The Daily Kick


Check back here each day of the tournament to find feature articles and tidbits from around the event!


  • Minnesota United FC and Schwan’s USA CUP have teamed up with Matt Lampson on Kick Cancer day at USA CUP this year.
  • USA CUP honors Schwan's 21 years of sponsorship with the  2018 Founders' award.

  •  Parking and traffic at the USA CUP Weekend Tournament.


  • Due to the quickly changing weather of Minnesota, USA CUP uses decades of experience and advanced technology to keep everyone on campus safe.

  • The core group of Field Services volunteers at USA CUP has been coming to the tournament for years and has grown into a tight-knit bunch that they call their USA CUP family.

  • Minnesota United FC is offering different activities during the tournament.
  • What’s new on the NSC campus for the 2018 USA CUP?
  • Faces at the Cup

The Daily Kick: July 14, 2018

  • Two USA CUP players are stars of a documentary video series sponsored by Invisalign.

  • England misses World Cup Final

  • Adidas creator experience

  • World Cup viewing party

  • Faces at the cup

The Daily Kick: July 15, 2018

  • Perennial power Tokiwagi escapes a close match in the semis, then dominates the U19 championship
  • Teams from Norway & Minnesota shared different perspectives on USA CUP
  • USA CUP’s first Belgian team comes with Minnesota ties, and now a Weekend Tournament championship

  • Faces at the Cup

The Daily Kick: July 16, 2018

  • Get ready! Tuesday’s Opening Ceremonies will create life-long memories
  • Puerto Rico teams used soccer as a distraction to help recover from Hurricane Maria

  • The newest information on parking and traffic at the USA CUP Weeklong Tournament
  • Faces at the Cup


The Daily Kick: July 17, 2018

  • High energy prevailed at USA CUP Opening Ceremonies on Tuesday
  • Kelley O’Hara embraces her soccer-star status during Tuesday visit to USA CUP
  • Mia Hamm to visit Schwan’s USA CUP on Wednesday!

  • Gold will be the color of the day for Kick Cancer Day at USA CUP Wednesday

  • Faces at the Cup

The Daily Kick: July 18, 2018

  • Soccer legend Mia Hamm recalls memories of playing with Team USA at the National Sports Center

  • Dutch volunteer Timon Luesink keeps USA CUP busses on the right route

  • USA CUP alum and cancer survivor Nick Manzoni returns to support Kick Cancer Day
  • Faces at the Cup

The Daily Kick: July 19, 2018

  • Mexican team earns USA CUP trip by winning Chevrolet Cup championship

  • Two children, two exchange students, four counties and one soccer mom weave a complicated, and cool, USA CUP story

  • Three generations of the Lagos family, the first family of Minnesota soccer, talk about the importance of USA CUP

  • Trinidad boys’ team get a surprise visit from Trinidadian National Team player Kevin Molino

  • Guidelines for the Grand Dance Friday night
  • Faces at the Cup

The Daily Kick: July 20, 2018

  • Former NSC intern Murshid Mudricat instrumental in bringing first USA CUP teams from Tanzania

  • Danish guest players join St. Paul Blackhawks girls’ team for their second international tournament

  • Chinese teams hold charity sale to support Kick Cancer Day

  • Faces at the cup


The Daily Kick: July 21, 2018

  • North Metro teammates talk about ending their USA CUP playing careers

  • Norwegian team Bærum overcomes injuries and fatigue to capture a USA CUP championship

  • Congratulations to USA CUP’s referee award winners
  • Faces at the Cup