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Current Weather

Current Weather Status: Green Flag

Schwan’s USA CUP Field Update

Saturday July 22


The following games have been moved due to field conditions for the entire day:

Original Field                     New Field

N1                                        H1

N2                                        H2

N3                                        H3

N4                                        H4


The following game specific field moves have been made:

11 am P1 moves to H1

11 am P2 moves to E1

11 am P3 moves to E2


Starting at 1 pm the following fields will be moved for the remainder of the tournament:

Original Field                     New Field

P1                                        H1

P2                                        H2

P3                                        H3

P4                                        H4

Weather at USA CUP

Weather is constantly changing at Schwan's USA CUP. Please be aware of the current weather status and prepare for a variety of conditions throughout the day.

Consult your Tournament Times official print program for information on our weather status "Flags" regarding current conditions.

Follow USA CUP on social media (Facebook, Twitter) for the latest information regarding weather and changing conditions.