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Schwan's Medallion Hunt

Here are all the 2014 Medallion Hunt clues, with explanations.

Clue 1: (released Tuesday morning)

So we hope this hunt will be fun; not too tough,
But beware, you may find riddles, clues and the occasional bluff.
You can check the web, or ask for help,
And please, work as a team; we don’t want you to yelp!

The medallion’s hidden within the NSC property line;
Stay on the campus and you’ll do just fine.
Don't dig holes or tear up the ground,
And you won’t need to look where you might get drowned.

This clue sets the rules for the hunt. The medallion is hidden on the NSC campus. No digging allowed. It won’t be hidden under water.

Clue 2: (released Tuesday afternoon)

Opening Ceremony tonight is today’s big act,
But don’t search in the stadium, it’s not hidden there.
We don’t want you disrupting the parade to look for the prize;
The real hiding place is even larger in size.

This clue eliminates the stadium as a hiding place. We also didn’t want people hunting for the medallion while the Opening Ceremony is going on. The clue about the hiding place being in a place larger than the stadium might lead some to correctly conclude the medallion is hidden outdoors. 

Clue 3: (released Wednesday morning)

During USA CUP it’s all about the beautiful game,
But don’t forget the other NSC sports, lest you miss the hall of fame.
Toss a disc, pedal the banking, or skate for the win
And when the winter snow melts, shoot for the pin.

Remember you can search solo or with a team to share
But there’s only one prize, so talk with your teammates; we trust you’ll be fair.

This clue is a hint that hiding place might have something to do with a sport other than soccer – ultimate, cycling, hockey or golf. The medallion might be hidden at the Velodrome, Schwan Super Rink or Victory Links golf course.

Clue 4: (released Wednesday afternoon)

Last year the medallion was hidden inside, away from the sun.
This year, breath the fresh air, dodge the rain, it’s all in good fun.

Six hundred acres in size, the NSC is vast
So to help you with the quest, we’ll whisper a hint: going north will leave you last.

This clue confirms that the medallion is hidden outdoors. The second half of the clue tell you that it’s not hidden on the north side of the campus.

Clue 5: (released Thursday morning)

A birdie told us it’s hiding south of 105,
A fair way from the road, and toward the rising sun.

Chip away at the answer if you must make an assessment,
Or look for a sign; this afternoon’s clue will produce a return on your investment.

This clue confirms that the medallion is hidden south of 105th Ave NE. This clue is also full of puns about golf (birdie, fairway, chipping.) So it becomes pretty obvious the hiding location is at the Victory Links golf course. The last sentence is also a clue, especially the part about “looking for a sign.” The rest of that sentence is also a clue, but it is admittedly obtuse.

Note: the medallion was found Thursday morning.

Clue 6: (would have been released Thursday afternoon)

Yes, Mia and Jozy are past stars at the CUP,
But instead, walking in the footsteps of T.C. Chen or Mac O’Grady will cheer you up.

Once you’ve solved that clue, you should know the place;
But as we warned yesterday, the options are many in so vast a space.
So start at the Greens, and you won’t need a long walk or ride
Look for a sign, and your Return will be a good place for the medallion to hide.

The mention of  Mia and Jozy are references to Mia Hamm and Jozy Altadore, famous soccer players who have played at the National Sports Center. After a quick Google search, even non-golf fans will discover that T.C. Chen and Mac O’Grady are professional golfers, who by the way have competed at Victory Links.

But on a golf course that is hundreds of acres in size the hiding location may still be a mystery. “Start at the Greens” is a clue that the hiding place is a short walk or ride from the Tournament Greens sign. In the next sentence there is a second reference to a “sign” and “return,” but this time the word “Return” is capitalized, a hint that this is an important clue.

Clue 7: (would have been released Friday morning)

When you’ve finished playing the Links,
Where’s the place you’d drop your ride?
Look for the sign, then split the divide,
The medallion’s hidden between, not in obvious view.
If your team finds it first, follow the instructions you find and claim the iPad for your crew!

This is the giveaway clue. The clue specifies that it’s hidden at the location where you would drop your golf cart after playing. Victory Links has a two-sided “Cart Return” sign near the clubhouse. The clue tells medallion hunters that the prize is hidden between the two signs, not in a place that would be accidentally sighted. But if hunters conclude that the hiding place is the Cart Return sign, they will be able to look closely inside and see the medallion hidden between the two sides of the sign.


2014 Medallion Hunt winner Emilie Henderson, 13, of Andover, Minn. is playing on the U13 North Metro Storm.

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