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The Daily Kick: July 17, 2013

Brian Kallman has become accustomed to high-stakes soccer.

From his days spent honing his youth game in Woodbury, to a career spent wowing the crowd at NSC Stadium as a professional player for the Thunder, Stars and now United FC, Kallman’s career runs through Minnesota, but also includes deep ties to Schwan’s USA CUP.

As thousands of young soccer players and their handlers took their places for opening ceremonies Tuesday evening, an unexpected group of celebrities set up shop in the staging area.

They might not have realized it right away, but the North Suburban Soccer Association (NSSA) 19 boys’ Phoenix, known around the National Sports Center campus as “the Pink Team,” has developed its own following at Schwan’s USA CUP.

As the four cancer fighting organizations walked down the homestretch with the torch, and the cauldron was lit by Kyle O’Connor, from the North Suburban Soccer Association 19 boys’ team, who lost his mother to thyroid cancer.

“Opening ceremonies was an emotional start to a great cause,” said Tom Soehn, the National Sports Center’s (NSC) Director of Soccer Development and Recruiting.  

Sipping from the CUP

07/17/2013, 2:45pm CDT
By Admin

Sipping from the CUP will provide a daily run-through some of the short news items at Schwan’s USA CUP, powered by Sport Ngin. Enjoy!

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