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The Daily Kick Archives - 2012

The Daily Kick: Friday, July 13

  • Andre Felipe dos Santos -- Schwan’s USA CUP’s version of a free agent
  • PUMA vElite Round Up
  • Sipping from the cup

The Daily Kick: Saturday, July 14

  • Quest for a three-peat too high a hill to climb for boys’ PUMA vElite defending champs
  • PUMA vElite Round Up
  • Sipping from the CUP

The Daily Kick: Sunday, July 15

  • High-pressure matches highlight a memorable PUMA vElite Championship
  • Norway heads north before USA CUP
  • Sipping from the CUP

The Daily Kick: Monday, July 16

  • Preview of Opening Ceremonies Tuesday Night
  • Survival guide for Opening Ceremonies Attendees
  • Enter our "Celebrate Your Goals" Photo Contest

The Daily Kick: Tuesday, July 17

  • Opening Ceremonies, minute by minute
  • Minnesota Stars FC to take on Fort Lauderdale Strikers at NSC Stadium Wednesday night

The Daily Kick: Wednesday, July 18

  • Information on the go: welcome to the new USA CUP mobile app
  • Keliix Intra, a local club that embraces USA CUP every year
  • Stars game summary
  • Sipping from the CUP

The Daily Kick: Thursday, July 19

  • Tokawagi's long journey back to USA CUP
  • From USA CUP player to tournament director
  • Sipping from the CUP

The Daily Kick: Friday, July 20

  • No daylight, no indoor turf ... welcome to winter soccer in Fairbanks, Alaska!
  • Iowa club uses careful planning and technology to manage nine teams at USA CUP
  • Sipping from the CUP

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