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The Daily Kick: July 22, 2011

For USA CUP teams, fair play is more than a handshake

04/27/2012, 1:49pm CDT
By Tom Purdy

Teams use conduct codes, creativity to promote love of the game

For Toni Mosby, manager of her daughter's U10 team, the need for soccer organizations to promote fair play and good sportsmanship was dramatically displayed at a recent game back home in St. Louis Park, Minn. 

Turning a 'nothing burger' into something

07/22/2011, 5:41pm CDT
By Tiffany Willits

Inside KickTV

Inside the life of KickTV producers, Jake Frantzen and Matt Shoemaker, a 'nothing burger' is when a planned story falls through. Filming a daily video show during USA CUP, this rarely happens, but on Thursday it did. Heading out to film an episode of beach soccer a few girls' U19 teams that were scheduled to play did not show up. That is when the creativity for the producers starts to flow. 

PUMA Bike Night at the Velodrome

07/22/2011, 3:43pm CDT
By Tiffany Willits

 The Thursday Night Lights Race at USA CUP provided the usual thrills and fun fan contests. The races still had the regular raffle consisting of the Cold Stone Warm Up, Chili's Hot Race, Bricks Breakaway and Buca Blaster. Fans entered the raffle on the four sponsored races and whoever chose the correct winner of the sponsored race, got a ten dollar gift card to the restaurant. The four sponsored races are always the same for Thursday Night Lights.

A Minnesota grown athlete

07/22/2011, 2:46pm CDT
By Tiffany Willits

Goalkeeper Joe Warren talks about his soccer experience in Minnesota

Schwan's USA CUP is a great opportunity for teams throughout the world to come together in a celebration of soccer, and for NSC Minnesota Stars player Joe Warren the tournament has played an important role in his career. After playing soccer professionally in Minnesota for ten years Warren became a part of the National Sports Center (NSC) staff, staying involved with the USA CUP tournament for nearly ten years. 

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