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Schwan's USA Cup Indoor Required Forms

Team Manager Account

Mailing Address: 1700 105th Ave NE, Blaine, MN 55449
Phone: 763.717.3235, Fax: 763.785.3660
Email: jeen@nscsports.org

Required forms are due July 1, 2015

Participation Requirements

1. Complete the tournament roster using the Team Manager Account.
» Maximum roster size is 18.
» All players must be identified on the tournament roster. Enter the player’s name, primary position and jersey number. Duplicate jersey numbers or jersey sharing is not permitted. Guest player (GP) designation is not applicable.
» The player’s date of birth (DOB) and NSC Liability Waiver are provided by the parent via NSC Liability Waiver. Remember: You must enter the player names before parents/participants can begin work.
» Monitor waiver progress by selecting ‘View Roster’ from the Roster Menu. An ‘X’ displayed in the WV (waiver) column indicates a completed waiver.
» A player’s DOB is electronically monitored for age eligibility. If a player’s DOB continues not to be numerically displayed, the player may be too old for the age bracket. Ask parent to review the DOB for accuracy. All players must be age eligible for the assigned age bracket; DOB on roster must match DOB on proof of age.

2. Direct parents to the NSC Liability Waiver link to complete the NSC Waiver.
» Provide players/parents with the team ID number for this task.

3. Proof of age is required for all players.

» Youth players are required to present proof of age at Final Team Check-in: Player pass, copy of birth certificate or passport.
» Adult players must be able to produce proof of age, if challenged: Driver’s license, player pass, copy of birth certificate or passport.
» Player pass from previous season may be used for youth or adult players.

4. Provide Hotel Lodging information, if applicable.
» Teams are required to stay in the NSC Official Host Hotels.
» Submit hotel information online via Team Manager account.
» Hotel information is used for emergency contact when cell phone is unavailable.
» The National Sports Center is also required to track for economic impact. Did you know that the NSC is second only to Mall of America for state economic impact and number of annual visitors?

5. Know the Rules in advance; express concerns prior to the start of each game.

Final Team Check-in

  • Location: table located at the entrance to the fields.
  • Team representative must check in team one hour prior to team’s first game.
  • Proof of age for your players must be presented for all players; no proof of age – no play.

Kallie Krech

Tournament Registrar

Phone: 763.792.7353 Fx: 763.785.3660

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