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The following volunteer ambassadors are more than willing to share their experiences with you. Their valuable insight may be just the thing you need to make your planning easier.

Region I

Burt Wilkes

Region I - New York East

Region II

Fred Goldman

Region II - Illinois

Kurt Kliminski

Region II - Wisconsin

Kevin Newbanks

Region II - Wisconsin

Region III

Wilbert Maximore

Region III - Oklahoma

Region IV

Andrew Deitrich

Region IV - Alaska

Kevin Cornes

Region IV - Washington


Bert Lobo

Canada Region - Ontario, Quebec

Kevin Cornes

Canada Region - British Columbia

Michelle Williamson

Canada Region - Edmonton, Alberta


Teodoro (Toyo) Aquirre

International - Mexico

Gelda Carvalho

International - Brazil

Eduardo Prada

International - Brazil

Daniel Skillings

International - Colombia

Nuria Pujol

International - Costa Rica

Salvatore Russo

International - Dominican Republic

Nelson Riveria

International - Ecuador

Mark Gurney

Internaional - England

Trevor Wing

International - England

Claire Eckley


Timon Luesink

International - Netherlands

Thor Erik Stenberg

International - Norway

Raul Albors

International - Puetro Rico

Beatriz Ibanez-Junqueira

International - Puerto Rico

James Smith

International - Scotland

Sven Erik Jensen

International - Denmark

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