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Meet a Representative

Coming to a neighborhood near you!

Schwan's USA CUP representatives travel throughout the year conducting meetings with teams, attending soccer AGM's and recruiting. If you are interested in scheduling a meeting for your team, club or coach, please call 1.800.535.4730 or email

This is where our staff is headed next!

Dates Destination
September 7-10 Columbus, Ohio
September 11-13 Grand Rapids, Michigan
September 25-30 Atlantic City, New Jersey
October 4-7 San Jose, Costa Rica
October 15-17 Stockholm, Sweden
October 16-18 Nebraska and South Dakota
October 18-22 Oslo, Norway
October 22-23 Toronto, Canada
October 22-23 Guadalajara, Mexico
October 24-28 Mexico City, Mexico
October 26 Aberdeen, South Dakota
November 29-December 2 Aruba
November 9-11 Wisconsin
December 14-18 Madrid, Spain
January 11-14 Los Angeles, California
January 27-29 Massachusetts
January 31-February 2 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
February 23-25 Connecticut
March 4-5 New York
March 15-16 Chicago, Illinois
April 2-9 Haiti
April 20-22 Houston, Texas