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The Daily Kick: July 15, 2014

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Opening Ceremonies Starts with a Handshake and Ends with a Bang

07/15/2014, 2:15pm CDT
By Isaac Haight, NSC Media Intern

Opening Ceremonies at the 2014 Schwan’s USA CUP ended with a bang, but everything leading up to that point had a stadium full of people captivated. The world’s largest Handshake for Peace, the torch procession, the parade of teams, skydivers and other events made for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The ceremonies were started with the parade of teams, which introduced all the teams in the tournament by hometown or country and showcased USA CUP’s diversity.

College coaches search for future stars at USA CUP

07/15/2014, 2:00pm CDT
By Isaac Haight, NSC Media Intern

It’s mid-morning of the opening day for the 2014 Schwan’s USA CUP and the grounds are flooded with players, coaches, parents and fans. With all the soccer attire floating around it’s difficult to pick out who is who on such a vast campus.

However, one individual is standing on a corner of the field dressed in Concordia College apparel scanning the field of a girls U19 game. He is not taking notes or making calls. He is simply analyzing the play, looking for talent.

Sipping from the Cup

07/15/2014, 1:00pm CDT
By Media Staff

"Sipping from the CUP" is the daily news column in The Daily Kick. Each day during Schwan's USA CUP, we'll be using this column to feature short news items, humorous things seen on the campus, and even some gossip! Read and enjoy.

Faces at the Cup

07/15/2014, 12:15pm CDT
By Media Staff

Our special section where we highlight the unique and special people that make Schwan's USA CUP an experience like no other in youth soccer. We feature players, coaches, parents, volunteers and staff. 

Nominate your Faces at the Cup person now!

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