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The Daily Kick: July 11, 2014

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The Supergoats pave unique path onto NSC's grass fields

07/11/2014, 7:40pm CDT
By Isaac Haight, NSC Media Intern

Thousands of players will step foot on the 46 soccer fields at the National Sports Center to play in the 2014 Schwan’s USA CUP. Many of these players may be a little surprised by the sheer number of fields, playing in the stadium or the atmosphere surrounding the tournament.

A girls U15 team consisting of 18 players that stepped on the pitch at field A1 this afternoon noticed something that was unique to them, grass.

Unlike many players who travel to the tournament, the Yuwa Supergoats from Jharkhand, India do not regularly play with grass covering their fields.

Japan Homestay: Two Cultures, Many Memories

07/11/2014, 7:30pm CDT
By Isaac Haight, NSC Media Intern

The Tokiwagi Gauken High School has made it a tradition to attend Schwan’s USA CUP as they have been making the trip from Sendai, Japan for years. To put in perspective, Pam Webb is enjoying her 15th year in the Homestay Program with Tokiwagi.

Sipping from the Cup

07/11/2014, 7:20pm CDT
By Media Staff

"Sipping from the CUP" is the daily news column in The Daily Kick. Each day during Schwan's USA CUP, we'll be using this column to feature short news items, humorous things seen on the campus, and even some gossip! Read and enjoy.

Faces at the Cup

07/11/2014, 7:15pm CDT
By Media Staff

Our special section where we highlight the unique and special people that make Schwan's USA CUP an experience like no other in youth soccer. We feature players, coaches, parents, volunteers and staff. 

Nominate your Faces at the Cup person now!

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