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Øvrevoll Hosle IL

Bærum, Norway

Øvrevoll Hosle IL is the largest club for girls teams in Norway and have both national and international ambitions for their elite team, and that includes playing in Schwan's USA CUP in 2014. The girls started playing together when they were 8 years old and have been together now for seven years. The results from this team have been impressive.

  • Champion in Norway Cup 2011
  • Champion in OBOS cup 2011 (This is a regional cup in the south-east part of Norway – including Oslo, the most populated area of Norway)
  • Quarterfinalist in Dana Cup (Denmark) in 2012
  • Quarterfinalist in Norway Cup 2012
  • Champion in OBOS-cup in 2012
  • Champion in the Winter cup in the south-east part of Norway in the winter of 2013
  • Second place in Dana Cup summer 2013
  • Champion in OBOS cup 2013

When the ØHIL girls team of 1998 won the Norway cup in 2011, they made a three year plan, inspired by their coaches:

  • First: They wanted to attend Schwan's USA CUP in the summer of 2014. One of the reasons was to attend a big and famous international cup; play football in an international setting and have fun with other international girls teams. USA CUP was the first choice.
  • Secon: Having a long term goal of playing football together would keep the girls active. In Norway there's a tendency for girls drop out of their sports and other activities when they turn 13-14-15 years, the goal of USA CUP in 2014 would prevent this.
  • Third: Having fun together!

The ØHIL Girls 98 show off their numerous trophies

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