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Featured Team: 417 Futbol Club, Missouri

05/22/2014, 4:15pm CDT
By Admin

From the age of nine, these boys found in each other a bond that will no doubt last all through their lives. This bond has allowed for intense competition on the field and strong relationships off, producing several impressive results including a fall season record of 5-1-2 and a recent victory at the Missouri Mule Tournament. 

However, their passion and dedication for this great sport was not groomed overnight; it was bred into their hearts by the loyal support of encouraging parents and an excellent coach.

Coach Tim Sterling, a lifetime soccer fanatic and player, saw the potential in this group of boys from day one. Their spirit, combined with his 15 years of experience and intense love for his boys and the game, has produced a team that continues to excel. The passion for soccer imbedded in this team, however, reaches even deeper, circulating through an entire club.

417 FC, formally known as Nixa Soccer Club, had relatively humble beginnings. Founded in Nixa, Missouri, Tim Sterling, creator of the club, began this venture with nothing but the untouched love for the game fueling his endeavors. Although the club has tripled in size over the past five years, the mission has changed very little. 417 FC, as explained in its mission statement, seeks to promote the sport of soccer and the associated health and fitness benefits to the youth in the 417 area codes through teaching players and coach’s techniques, principles and applications of the sport and physical fitness. Through the club’s collective coaching methods, it has always been the intention to produce high quality athletes and citizens, which is why the club also follows the mantra of “competitive-not crazy”. 417 FC, from its conception, has made a defined effort to instill in its players a clear sense of character and sportsmanship that will last far beyond their soccer career.

The u13 boys team clearly and proudly represents the purest sense of what 417 FC desires to provide to their soccer community, both locally and internationally. The club is very proud to have the opportunity to send this team to the USA Cup to represent the 417 area. In order to further fund this tournament, the team worked a triathlon, pickup up walnuts, and fundraised at local restaurants.  They continue to work towards this goal.

417FC is a proud Sporting Kansas City Affiliate.

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